Brothers of Yusuf (AS) – Surah Yusuf

Brothers of Yusuf (AS) – Surah Yusuf

          Do you know the story of Yusuf(A.S)’s brothers and what they did to him? Well, I will tell you what I learned from Surah Yusuf (Surah no.12, Makkan Surah) about the jealousy Yusuf(A.S) had to face in the light of this beautiful 12th Chapter of Holy Quran.

          Yaqoob(A.S) had 12 sons. He loved them all. He was a great father. He treated Yusuf(A.S) more lovingly because of his good characteristics and manners. However, this made the other brothers very angry. One night, Yusuf(A.S) saw a dream that 11 stars, the sun and the moon are bowing in front of him. He went to his father and told him about his dream. Yaqoob(A.S) told him not to share this dream with his brothers because he already knew they were jealous of him. Also the dream meant Yusuf AS would become a Prophet and it would make the brothers more jealous of him. Meanwhile, the jealousy of the brothers reached its peak and they made a plan to throw him in a well.

          At first Yaqoob(A.S) was very reluctant in sending Yusuf(A.S) with them because he knew they were jealous of him but finally gave them permission. The brothers threw him in the well. Yusuf(A.S) was all alone and scared in the well. It is when Allah SWT sent him the revelation that one day He will tell them about this. The brothers came back with a blooded shirt and told father that a wolf ate Yusuf(A.S). But YaqoobA.S) knew they were lying.

           A group of travelers came near the well and found Yusuf(A.S). The travelers put Yusuf(A.S) for auction. The Chief Minister of Egypt got him for few coins. After Yusuf AS grew up, the wife of the Minister made false accusations against him and threw him in Prison. Years later, when the King of Egypt had a dream of 7 skinny cows eating 7 fat cows, he was very disturbed by it. Allah SWT gave Prophet Yusuf AS the miracle of the interpretation of Dreams, so Yusuf AS interpreted the King’s dream. The King became very pleased with Prophet Yusuf (AS) and made him the Minister of Egypt.

           Prophet Yusuf(A.S) became the controller of cultivation, harvesting and storage of crops. He saved enough grains for the coming seven dry years. When dry season came, he helped the people. During this time of Famine, Prophet Yaqoob(A.S) sent all his 10 sons to Egypt to get grains for the family except his younger one. Prophet Yusuf(A.S) immediately recognized them but they didn’t. Prophet Yusuf(A.S) said to them to bring the younger brother next time and he will double the ration, or he will not give them grains. Next time the brothers wanted the younger brother to go with them, but the father hesitated. Eventually he has to agree but before they left, he made them take an oath that they will bring him back. 

    When the brothers were adding the bags of grains, Prophet Yusuf (AS) ordered his servant to put the golden cup in his younger brother’s bag secretly and the soldiers found it. The rest of the brothers left and told their father everything. Prophet Yaqoob(A.S) cried so much that he lost his sight. He sent his sons to Egypt again and finally Yusuf(A.S) told them that I am your brother. The brothers realized their mistake and Yusuf(A.S) asked Allah (SWT) to forgive them. He gave his shirt to recover his father’s eyesight. Finally, the father went to meet Yusuf(A. S). Yusuf(A. S) received them with joy and placed his parents on the throne. Then, his parents and all his brothers prostrated in front of him [Yusuf’s parents and his eleven brothers prostrated before him out of respect, not as an act of worship. This was permissible in their tradition, but in Islam, Muslims prostrate only to Allah.], and this was the dream that he saw when he was young.

by Aisha Shehzad (Age 9)