Best ways of using Social media

Best ways of using Social media


     Social media is a great way to connect to families and learn new information every day. Although it has many negative uses, we can still find ways to use it in a good way within the comfort of our homes. It’s a blessing when it comes to being able to access so much information on Islam, learn Qur’an and itstranslation, listen to Islamic lectures, share our travel stories, express ourselves, find friends and connect with the people of the world.  There are many apps in the app store that has good benefits. Today we will talk about some of the apps and their uses. The apps I will be discussing are Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Go fund me, Athan app, Quran memorization app, Youtube, and Instagram. These apps can all be used in bad and good ways but hopefully, you will use them in great ways.

         The first app I will be discussing is Skype. Skype is an app used to facetime people from back home or people that live far away. You can use this app to maintain your ties with your relatives who live far away.

            The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

            “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain good relation with kins” [Al Bukhari                    and Muslim]

You can also use this app to wish your family members a happy Eid or Ramadan Mubarak for occasions. This app has many good uses to it. I would definitely recommend it because it has a great connection and is a great app.

            The second app I will be discussing is WhatsApp. This is an app very much similar to messages, except you can add friends and family that also have the app. You can make groups and share Hadiths or verses from the Qur’an with each other. You can also send duas for each other to read and learn. You can use the voice feature and you can send voice messages to your family.

            Facebook is the third app I will talk about as this app is used by many people and is well known. In this app, you can make an account and add friends you know from school or add relatives as well. You can use this app by telling people to follow you and post daily hadiths and duas on there as well. These days especially during Ramadan, a lot of scholars post Islamic lectures on Facebook Live. I also like to follow the news and Islamic pages.

            The fourth app I will talk about is “go fund me”. This app is used to raise money for people in need. You can create a fund and people can donate money to a cause. This is an app used for charity and donations the money made from the go fund me can be used for different charities like people with disabilities. It can also be used for the poor and needy. Also if your masjid needs money for renovations, you can also use the money for that need.

The fifth app is the athan app. This app is used to tell and remind you of the adhan for prayers. You can download the app then choose your city and country, it will tell you the five prayers time. When it’s time for prayer, it will make an athan sound to remind you to pray. In some apps, they include daily adhkar, duas, hadiths, and show Qibla. For Qiblah, you point your phone and it shows you which way is the qibla. This is helpful for when you are traveling and don’t know where the qibla is!

            The sixth app is the Qur’an memorization app. This app can be used to memorize or read Qur’an. It shows you the translation as well. You can bookmark and choose the ayah and verse you want to stop reading at. To learn or listen to the correct pronunciation, you can choose the Shaykh you want to read with. You can use this app for quick memorization or read the translation to understand the meaning of the verse.

           The seventh app is Instagram. You can use this app to share posts with others. You can also put things on your story which are visible to all people. You can put pictures of your masjid, share the events happening in your community. You can collect donations, share videos of stories of the Prophets, share Quran verses and you can share videos on how to do things that some new Muslims might not know how to do.

            The last app is youtube. I personally find this app very useful. You can listen to nasheeds, watch lots of Islamic lectures and videos. There are many amazing series on youtube such as the Qur’an tafsir series, stories of Sahaba and Prophets, Inspiration series, etc., in which you can learn and share with others. You can also watch videos and tutorials on all sorts of things like how to wrap a hijab, how to make a certain dessert, how to recite a surah, what is the story behind a prophet, and many more educational purposes. 

            I hope you found this article very useful and I would definitely recommend installing these apps because they have great uses and can be used to learn about Islam and can teach you many great things.

By Mariam Shakora (Age 12)