Being a Muslim in South Africa

An experience by a sister living in Cape town, South Africa

Asalam. All praise to Allah.  I’m a 19 year old.
I have been devoting myself to the deen all my youth striving

Not knowing our outcome for tomorrow or today relying on Allah’s mercy.
I’m from Cape town and living in Cape town.
South Africa is hard but the deen is vast and spread across.
You can get to the deen just as quick as you can go astray.
May Allah guide us believers always.

As a Muslim I experienced many things in my youth and the one that I have experienced that brought my attention to my creator was to know that Allah has created man and the unseen. Allahuakbar.
So I was going through difficulties with the other creations known they too are tests and so are we.
So I was affected by it but now I’m cured. I am even more good
Fearing now but the cry is that I’m not treated the same anymore
People have more fear of me they don’t accept that one is
Healthy now and now ones life isn’t the way it was.
Fitnah is spread yes but Allah is never going to stop testing us and as much as this was

A test for me, it was test for nabi kareem(saw) as well so we accept it
Because it contributes to our prophets sacrifices for us. Our sacrifices won’t come near his.