Allah’s punishments upon this world

We are only experiencing the very beginning of it but I can assure you, it is only going to get worse. Allah is oft-forgiving and most merciful. If Allah were to punish us for every sin we commit, there would be no one on the face of this Earth. Our existence in this planet is only a test. The real life is in the hereafter where we will either be living in hell or in paradise forever. May Allah put us in paradise. Ameen.

The equation is simple: Disobeying Allah = Hellfire and Obeying Allah = Paradise. Hardships mainly occur upon a person for two reasons.

1: Allah loves when his servant prays and asks for forgiveness when he is facing a hardship. Therefore Allah brings down even more hardships to test the believer and see whether or not he will continue to pray and ask forgiveness or if he will lose patience and give up hope.

2: Allah decides to punish you for any sins you may have committed. Allah can punish you either at the moment you commit a sin, at a later date in the future, or in the hereafter and everything in between.

Think about what has been happening throughout the 20 and 21st centuries. War, greed, selfishness, etc. Its no wonder that the Muslim Ummah is in the state that its in. But take a look at America and other countries in the West and see what’s going on right now. Recently, New York just passed a bill allowing gay marriage to be legal. Soon, every state will legalize it and I will not be here once the last state does so. Can you just imagine a punishment similar to the people of Prophet Lut, ‘alayhis-salaam!? It gets worse. On August 21st in New York City there is going to be a march where women will walk topless, exposing their breasts in the name of  “women’s rights”. These people have no shame! Sinning by the buckets without any fear of Allah and his punishment. Look at Japan and how they were recently struck by a massive earthquake and again just a while ago. That was Allah’s punishment. The people of Japan live in a pornography filled world. From games, to cartoons, to even robots. When people do things that are against Allah’s commands, they should expect a great punishment.

Look at history, the Great Depression, the mass killing of the Jews by Hitler, etc. These punishments are not a coincidence at all. The fact that the Jews went through the most extreme hardships and then later oppress the Muslims in Palestine in almost the same or even worse ways then the way they were oppressed is unbelievable! They prayed for so long to Allah to save them from torture and once they were freed from Hitler’s reign, they instantly forget what Allah has done for them! But the Jews have a fascinating history which I will talk about another time.

Point is, these natural disasters, economic hardships, mass killings of people, etc are not coincidences. Rather these are the results of Allah’s punishments. The more sins people commit, the more Allah will punish them. This is true for entire nations as well. I fear that America is going to be the next once-great country to fall. The fact that the events that are unfolding right now are similar to the ones that have happened in the past as described by the Quran is very alarming. Maybe if it weren’t for the Muslims living in the America, the punishment would have came much sooner. No one knows, when Allah will send down His punishment and we should all be fearful of his power and beg for His forgiveness because in the end, only Allah can save us from the troubles of this world.

I ask Allah to forgive us all and to grant us paradise. Ameen.

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  1. Jizak ALLAH brother, i really learned a lot from you, may ALLAH help us all and keep us as muslims till we all die 🙂