After 5 years, Jay became a Muslim

An experience by DaBash:

After I prayed Isha in the mosque yesterday, the imam stood up. He said “Is brother Jay here?” Everyone turned their heads to see where Jay is as if they knew him.  After no reply, the imam repeated himself “Is brother Jay here?” At last, brother Jay raised his hand and said “I’m here.” “Come up” said the imam. Jay misunderstood and thought he meant to stand up so he did just that. The imam repeated himself again using his hands to signal what he was trying to say. At last Jay knew what he meant and went up to him. When I saw Jay, I knew automatically, as well as everyone else in the mosque, that he was going to be a Muslim. His story of how he decided to be a Muslim however, was a bit unique……

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

For the last 5 years, Jay has been looking for answers. He wanted to know what was his purpose in life and knew that if he wanted to live a life of peace and prosperity, he would have to follow a religion. So he did some research about Christianity, Judiasm, and Islam in that order. Islam was put intentionally last on his “religions to research list” because of the fact that the media keeps constantly bashing it, causing him to think that Islam was a bit too radical for his tastes. However, Allah is all knowing, all powerful and it is He who ultimately decides your destiny.

He quickly discovered, within his first year out of the five, that Islam was the only religion that just made sense compared to the others. However, he was confused. There were so many sheiks that had different views about many topics in Islam and not only that, the media always put him back into the state of doubt. So for most of those 5 years, he was following different sheiks, trying to learn more about Islam before he can finally accept it as the true religion. In the end, he decided to take matters into his own hands; he decided to do his homework or rather his own research and find out what Islam really is all about.

At last, he understood Islam. He knew what the media was saying about Islam was wrong and that the views of the sheiks shouldn’t just be followed blindly without any reason. “I realized that you should never follow a person’s view blindly without knowing why you’re doing so” is what he said specifically. All this took him 5 years, so you can imagine the struggles and hardships he experienced while trying to figure out if Islam was really for him. And at last he decided it was and went to the mosque yesterday to become a Muslim.

What made his story unique most of all? It was the fact that even though he was never a Muslim up until yesterday, he has been fasting on the month of Ramadan for 5 years. The same amount of years it took him to become a Muslim. Subhan’Allah

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