Islamic Experiences was created by Basheer Alebdy (known as DaBash in his posts) and was created with the purpose of helping others in mind. He felt that he could not help anyone when it comes to the knowledge of Islam but if he could get others to help each other, he could help the world. Thus, Islamic Experiences was created.

Islamic Experiences helps people connect with one another; Muslims and Non-Muslims alike with the use of personal experiences or fictional ones as well. We think that by learning other people’s experiences while learning more about Islam (on your own time or on this site) is a killer combination on helping you in the way you practice Islam. We hope this website will be of value to you. May Allah reward everybody for learning and spreading the knowledge of Islam.

Members of Islamic Experiences:
Basheer Alebdy (DaBash) – admin/founder:
I was born in New York, raised as a true Yemeni Muslim. Like all other American Muslims, practicing Islam while living in a non-Islamic country can be pretty difficult. But Allah has always been with me and kept me from going astray. Other than that, I am cool, smart, and have a way with words. *Disclaimer: I am NOT a scholar by any means.*

Ishrat Ali – contributor/author:
I was born in India and raised in Chicago, IL. I am currently studying Computers Information Systems. I am passionate about gaining and spreading Islamic knowledge. Alhamdulillah I have learned a lot about Islam from my Islamic school and by making good friends who remind me of Allah whenever I am with them. I love to read Qur’an, and hadith books. I came across Islamic experiences almost a year ago and wished to be part of it. Its an amazing website that helps both Muslims and Non-Muslims learn more about Islam. I am glad to be part of it. This website has given me a chance to help others with my knowledge and write about my Islamic experiences. Alhamdulillah for everything. *Disclaimer: I am NOT a scholar by any means.*