A true prince

A story by Princess Chamsous Sabah

This is the story of Nasir bin Waleed. A young man belonging to a rich Family in Syria. His father was from the tribe Bani Ammar and was a wealthy merchant. His family was known was well known for their generosity and kindness.

Nasir was very pure hearted. He would always offer help to anyone he passes by. When he was child, he used to go to a playground in his town. The poor kids used to play there and Nasir would join them. Every night, Nasir would bring one person along to eat dinner with his family.

Soon he became best friends with a poor boy named Malik. Malik and Nasir were very close. They grow up together and always share everything with each other. Everyone in the community used to call Nasir, the Prince because of his gentleness. They say he has a heart of a prince. Nasir and Malik were known as brothers.

Once an old man visited Nasir’s town. He was a small merchant who was carrying loads of merchandise to sell. He needed some help. A few young men were sitting by the sidewalk laughing and talking without paying attention to the old man’s plea. When Nasir passed by, he began helping that old man. The old man was very pleased with Nasir and asks him why is he helping him when no one else wanted to?

Nasir replies saying, I am doing this for the sake of Allah. When I was a child, I was given everything I had. When I began traveling from places to places, I met many orphans. When I looked them, I cried. Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala has blessed me with a mother and a father who all i know is that without them I would not be living a great life. I thanked Allah and moved forward.

Then I met a young man my age who had only one arm. This made me cry even harder, because I had two arms and I cannot imagine myself not being able to do much. I thanked Allah and remember Him. Allah has bestowed so many things in my life. My heart began to melt and I just wanted to do everthing to please my Lord. My Lord who has given me this life and I cannot be ungrateful by doing things that did not please Him. From that day onward i began doing everything for the sake of Allah and my heart felt so much peace inside. Happiness surrounded me every day. Alhamdulillah for everything.

After listening to this, the old man asked Nasir if he was married. Nasir replied in the negative. The old man looked at the sky and made du’a to Allah to grant Nasir a pious wife. Then the old man went along his journey.

Nasir smiled and he went to his house. While looking outside the moon from his window, Nasir goes to sleep. In sleep, Nasir get a dream. He dreams of a young girl who was wearing a golden bracelet that had his name on it.

For ten consecutive nights, Nasir gets the same dream over and over again but he was never to see her face because she was covered with a veil.

After the tenth night, Nasir wakes up and decides to visit his friend Malik. When he reaches his house, he sees no one there. He asks his neighbor who tells him that Malik and his family got an emergency call last night and they left for Yemen. Nasir gets worried and he takes permission from his parents to go to Yemen. With their permission, Nasir goes to Yemen. In Yemen, he reaches the house where Malik was there. Nasir knocks the door and a little boy opens it. He says salam and when finds out it’s Nasir, he invites him inside.

Malik meets Nasir and gets surprised to see him. Nasir asks Malik if everything was okay in his family. This was Malik’s uncle’s house. Malik tells Nasir about the incident that happened in Yemen. His uncle passed away due to a severe illness. He had only one daughter who is now an orphan. She lost her mother when she was 13 years old. Nasir becomes sad about his tragic incident.

Soon the little boy who opens the door for Nasir earlier, calls Malik to see Zaynab. Malik goes upstairs and comes back to Nasir with a red cloth holding something inside it. Malik gives it to Nasir saying it’s a gift from his cousin Zaynab. When Nasir opens up the cloth, he sees a golden dagger with his name on it. Nasir gets shocked. Malik tells him that ever since they were best friends, he would always tell his cousin about him. Zaynab is skilled in carving daggers in Yemen. She decided to make one for Nasir.

Nasir realizes that this must be the girl who he saw in the dream. He tells his parents about Zaynab and marries her. Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala has now blessed him with a pious wife. All praise be to ALLAH Subhana Wa Ta’ala. Allahu Akbar!

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    a very nice story MaSHALLAH
    may Almighty ALLAH continue to increase yOu in Iman and in knowledge