A story on leadership, love and brotherhood

Story by Anonymous

In the town of England, there lived a Muslim family who were very pious. In the family were four little children who loved their mother and father very much. One day, their mother and family had to attend an important meeting, so they left their eldest son, Khalid in charge to take care of his siblings. Upon this, the youngest of them all, Ibraheem complains to his mother saying that Khalid would boss them around instead of taking care of them. He didn’t want her to leave. Sumaiyya, their mother told Ibraheem not to worry and she will be back soon.

After the mother and father leave, Khalid commands his brothers to bring snacks for him. He lies on the couch and starts playing video games. Khalid orders them to go to sleep when it wasn’t even their bed time. The moment Khalid orders them, his mother calls him. This leaves Khalid in a state of worry. Sumaiyya tells Ibraheem and others to go to their room. She feels very angry about this because she trusted her eldest son to take care of her children. However, Khalid breaks her trust. Inspite of her anger, Sumaiyya becomes patient. Khalid’s father, Mujeeb talks to Khalid. He asks him, “why are you treating your little brothers and sisters this way? You know if you treat them this way, they won’t respect you anymore”. Khalid remains silent and doesn’t say anything.

Sumaiyya sits next to Khalid and tells him. “Dear son, let me tell you a story. Maybe this might change your attitude towards your siblings inshAllah. May Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala guide you Ameen”.

The story:

Long time ago, there was an orphanage in a small town. It belonged to a pious man named Ja’far who was a well learned man in Qur’an. He spent many years in learning the Qur’an from many different scholars and teachers of his time. When he opened this orphanage, his intention was to teach them the knowledge and wisdom of Al-Qur’an. He also focused mainly on keeping ties of brotherhood among them. He would always tell them, “No matter what happens, keep good ties with one another. We are all a family. If our brotherhood shatters even with one person, then it’s like we are a boat with a hole, we will all sink together”. This principle made a great effect on his students. Ustadh Ja’far loved all his students and made sure they receive well treatment.

One day, Ustadh Ja’far had to make an errand to a town nearby. Uthman was the most well-learned boy in the orphanage. So, with great expectations, Ustadh Ja’far ordered Uthman to teach the children while he was away. Uthman agreed. Meanwhile, there were two boys in the class named Hashim and Waqqas. They were very close to Uthman. Uthman being a leader, became extra strict with them than the other students. When they saw Uthman’s  as their leader, they felt jealous and upset for his treatment. This led them to misbehave in his class. Uthman tried his best to teach his class but the disturbance was too much. He immediately had Hashim and Waqqas stand outside because of their rude behavior. It so happened, that Uthman forgot that they were standing outside. It began to rain so much that day. In a few hours, Ustadh Ja’far came to the Ophanage and found Hashim and Waqqas standing outside. He brought towels and took them inside immediately. He asked them why were they standing outside and they told them it was because of Uthman’s punishment. Ja’far gets furious because of this. He calls Uthman and gives him extra chores as his punishment. Hashim and Waqqas get sick with fever. In a few days, they get well. They now start to ridicule Uthman for what he had done to them. Ustadh Ja’far at the same time was passing by their room and stops to see what was going on. Waqqas mocks at Uthman, “Aren’t you gonna punish us now? I am sure Ustadh would never make you a leader!”. After listening to these harsh words, tears come out of Uthman’s eyes and he tells them. “I ask you both my dear brothers for forgiveness. All because of my forgetfulness you both got sick. I am sorry. I love you both for the sake of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala”. When he hears this, Ja’far comes in their room. He apologizes to Uthman for not hearing his side of the story. He gets astonished with the behavior of Hashim and Waqqas.

The next day, he calls all his students. Hashim and Waqqas get extra punishment from Ustadh Ja’far for their bad behavior. He makes both of them apologize to Uthman for their mischief and hurtful mockery. Uthman forgives them right away. This makes Waqqas and Hashim cry because all this time they were so jealous of their best friend that they couldn’t see through his tears and humbleness. They both hug Uthman and never go against him.

The End of the story.

Khalid cries upon listening to this story.

Sumaiyya says, “O Khalid, what have you learned from this story?” Khalid says, “I am sorry mom. I learned how important a position of a leader is. If he treats his brothers and sisters in a harsh way, they would go against him. Uthman shouldn’t have been too strict on them. I feel really bad now”.

Now, Sumaiyya asks Khalid to apologize to his little brothers and sister. He asks his younger brothers and sister for an apology. Ibraheem smiles and happily hugs his brother. He tells him, “Of course you are forgiven. You are our big brother and we all love you for the sake of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala”. Everyone in the family now rejoices. Sumaiyya and Mujeeb cancel all their plans saying, “Family comes first”. They take their children to a fun place.”

Allah’s Messenger (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said, “Do not break off ties with one another, do not turn away from one another, do not hate one another, do not envy one another. Be brothers, as Allah has commanded you.” (Muslim,16/120)”