A Special Dua for Syria

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
O Allah! The Compassionate The Merciful
Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
Today and everyday
I ask You for Syria
O King, O the Holy One
Al Malik Al Quddus
I raise my hands
That You have given me
Begging Only You for Mercy
O The Source of Peace and the Guardian of Faith
Ya Salam Ya Mu’min
Please grant peace to
My Muslim brothers and sisters
In Syria
Please grant them strength to fight
And give them Your Protection
O Guardian O The Mighty One!
Ya Al Muhaymin Ya Aziz
Please take care of my Muslim brothers
And sisters in Syria
O Enforcer O Supreme One
Ya Al Jabbar Al Mutakabbir
I prostrate myself to You
Humbling myself to You
Please free Syria
O Lord, Our Creator, The Evolver
Al Khaliq Al Bari
Please do not let any more
Of my Muslim brothers and sisters
In Syria die O Allah please
O Fashioner O my Lord
You are the Forgiver
Ya Musawwir Ya Gaffar
You are Our Creator
Please forgive the people of Syria
And please forgive us all
Ya Gaffar, I know I am covered in sins
Ya Rabb, please forgive me
And accept my Duas for my dear brothers and sisters in Syria
The Ummah of our beloved Prophet (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)
Ya Al Qahhar Al Wahhab
The Subduer The Bestower
Please bestow upon Syria
Your Great Mercy Ya Allah!
Ya Razzaq Ya Al Fattah
O The Provider The Opener
Please open the gates of Victory
For the people in Syria
O Allah please also open the gates of Jannah
For my muslim brothers and sisters who have died in Syria
O Allah please provide sustenance for Syria
Please provide for them everything they need
And take care of them Ameen
Ya Alim Ya Qabid
O the All-Knowing O The Seizer
O Allah You know everything
Nothing is hidden from You
Please destroy Bashar and his evil army
O Allah! Please do not let any blood be shed
From my brothers and sisters
O Allah I cannot even imagine
What they are going through
Please help them Ya Malik Ya Rahim
Ya Al Basit Al khafid
O The Expander The Abaser
Please make it easy
On the people of Syria
Ya Ar Rafi Al Muizz
O The Exalter The Dignifier
Please Exalt honor to the Syrians
In the world, on the Day of Judgement
And the Hereafter Ya Rabb Al Alameen
Ya Mujill Ya As Sami
O Humiliator The All-Hearing One
Please humiliate Bashar & his evil army
Please listen to our Duas O Allah!
Ya Al-Basir Al Hakam
O All-Seeing One, Our Judge
Please grant justice to Syria
Please help Syria O Allah
Ya Adl Ya Latif
The Just The Subtle
Please grant Justice to Bashar
And his army in this world
O Allah! Please I ask You
I ask You Only for Justice
To please destroy the Oppressors
Ya Khabir Ya Halim
O The Aware The Forbearing One
Please O Allah
You see everything and You know everything
We turn to You O Allah
For help please O Allah
Ya Al-Azim Ya Gafur
The Magnificent The Forgiver
Please forgive this Ummah
Please O Allah
We cry to You
And Complain to You
For our helplessness
We are far away from Syria
But You are closer to them
Than their jugular veins
Please listen to this dua
And accept this from me
This is all I want today
Right now Ya Rabb
This Yaum Al Jummah
My eyes are filled with tears
And I want Only You
To wipe it away from me
How you clear the clouds from darkness
After Rain
O Allah I have never heard such things
In my life
I cannot bear an inch of what is happening
To the people of Syria
How men has lacked mercy
And became harder than any stone
In the world
But You are the Lord of the Worlds
To You we thank O The Appreciative One
Ya Ash Sakur
Ya ‘Ali The Most High
Please hear our plight
Ya Kabir Ya Hafiz
My Lord, Most Great
To You I humble my body, my soul
My heart in pain
Asking You to preserve the people of Syria
O Allah! Al Muqit, Al Hasib
The Nourisher The Reckoner
Al Jalil Al Karim
The Glorious The Munificent
To You I ask for Help
Please O Allah!
Ya Raqib Ya Al Mujib
The Vigilant The Responder to Prayer
Please respond to my prayer
And send Your army full of angels
And believers to Syria O Allah!
Ya Wasi Ya Hakim
Only You are the Wise One, The Embracing One
Please embrace Syria with Your Love
And please don’t let any harm or grief touch them
Ya Wadud Ya Majid
The Loving The Majestic
Ya Wadud I love Syria for Your sake Only
Please Ya Majid it hurts me when I
Look through my Islamic books
And find the name of Syria written in there
May the blessed city be free
O Allah please love the people of Syria
I call out to You
With my love for You
With my love for my Muslim
Brothers and sisters
Who say La Ilaha Ill Allah
Muhammad Ar Rasulullah
(Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)
Please grant victory to Syria
Ya Al Baith Al Sahid Ya Haq Ya Wakil
The Resurrector, The Witness, The Truth, The Ultimate Trustee
I invoke You please O Allah
Only You know what is going on in Syria
Only You know their every tear
Only You know what their hearts are going through
Please O Allah! They are oppressed, they are weak
They need You more than anything O Allah!
Ya Al Qawi Ya Matin Ya Wali Ya Hamid
O The Strong One, The Firm One, The Protector, The Praiseworthy
Ya Hamid, All praise is Yours alone
Please grant Syria Your Ultimate Protection
Please help them O Allah! You are our Wali!
Ya Muhsi Al Mubdi Al Muid Al Muhyi Al Mumit
The Appraiser, The Originator, The Restorer, The Giver of Life, The Giver of Death
Everything is in Your Hands Ya Rabb
Please don’t let them take away
Any of my brothers and sisters life in Syria
Ya Al Haye Al Qayyum Al Wajid Al Majid
O The Eternal The Self Existing The Finder The Splendid
Please destroy the Oppressors
And Save Syria from Oppression Ya Allah!
Ya Wahid Ya Ahad Ya Samad Ya Qadir
O The One, The Unique, The Absolute, The Able
You are able to do all things
Please protect Syria and grant them relief O Allah!
Ya Muqtadir Ya Muqaddam Ya Muakkhir Al Awal Al Akhir
The Powerful, The Expeditor, The Delayer, The First, The Last
Yours is the Power alone
Please destroy the wrongdoers
Ya Zahir, Ya Batin, Ya Wali, Ya Mutaali
O The Manifest, Hidden, Supreme Governor, The Most Exalted
Please help Syria
Ya Al-Barr, At-Tawwab, Al-Muntaqim
The Source of All Good, The Acceptor of Repentance, The Avenger
Please forgive us all
O Allah, please avenge every Syrian death
And grant them Shahadah
Every day people in Syria are dying
People are losing their loved ones
And are being tortured and murdered
Please envelop Syria in Your Mercy
O Most Gracious Most High Lord!
Ya Al-Afu, Ar-Rauf, Al Malik ul Mulk
O The Pardoner, The Clement, The Master of Soverignty
Yours is the Soverignty, Yours is the Praise
No one forgives sins except You
Please forgive Syria and grant them victory
Ya Jul-Jalali-Wal-Ikram, Ya Muqsit, Ya Jame
The Lord of Majesty & Generosity, The Equitable, The Gatherer
I seek Only Your help
For my brothers and sisters in Syria
For I cannot do anything for them
But I have hope in You
Ya Gani Ya Mugni Ya Al Mani Ya Ad-Dar
The Self Sufficient, The Enricher, The Preventor, The One who causes Loss)
Please prevent any harm from coming
To the people of syria
Ya Nafi, Ya Nur, Ya Hadi, Ya Badi, Ya Baqi, Ya Warith, Ya Rashid, Ya Sabur
O The Propitious, The Light, The Guide, The Originator, The Everlasting, The Inheritor, The Righteous, The Patient
O Allah! I Invoke You with Your Great Special 99 Names and Attributes!
Please help the Masakeen, This Ummah, The People of Syria for I cannot help but cry for them. When I get even a small inch of tiny hurt, I can’t help but think for the greatest of pains they have been suffering. I might have lost a few loved ones in life but they have lost many and watched them die in front of their own eyes. They have been the victims of massive oppression and crimes. They are oppressed. While the world waits and lets them die, I cannot for they are my brothers and sisters in faith. Their pain is mine as well. I thank You for everything You have given me but I cannot be happy if they are deprived of every happiness. I know You love them so much, I know You are testing them. In Only You they put their trust in and I have hope in You that You will accept my dua today that You will take good care of my dear brothers and sisters in Syria.

Ameen thumma Ameen O Allah! Please Help! Please Please I beg You to help my dear brothers and sisters in Syria! Ya Rabb Al Alameen! O Lord of the Heavens and the Earth!! Allahu Akbar!!

Poem submitted by a sister who wishes to remain Anonymous.

16 responses to “A Special Dua for Syria”

  1. May ALLAH SWT accept all r prayers made for them and Bless them with a Peaceful life in Dunya and the Hereafter.. Aameen Aameen Ya Rabbil Aalameen!!

  2. O Allah, please come to the swift aid of Syria and its innocent people. O Allah, save them in this hour of need and save them from this persecution. O Allah, help them and strengthen them, build their ranks, unify them and honour them in the land. Grant them victory and succession like You granted Bani Isra’il victory and succession under the tyranny of Fir’awn.

  3. Yaa allah save muslim in Syria yaa rahman i can't do anything for them i always make du'a and pray for my brother and sister in Syria who in suffering ya rabbi you are the one who can do everything so please yaa rabbii helpthem and give them better life ����