A new site member!


Salam everyone. I am pleased to introduce you all to Adam Chen. He is a great friend of mine with great knowledge on computer information systems, and graphics (especially with Adobe Photoshop). That being said, Adam’s main role here is site engineer. He will be helping me make Islamic Experiences better in the long run. As i promised before, Islamic Experience will be renovated to make viewing the site, a much more plsent experience. Also, Adam is currently working on a way to make submitting stories and experiences much more easier to submit. May Allah bless him for his hard work and dedication in making Islamic Experinces better.

In case you were wondering, yes he is a Muslim. To learn more about him, please visit here

To submit a story/experience, please visit here

May Allah bless everyone and I encourage you all to give Adam your blessings and warm welcomings as well.

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