A madman’s verse and some wanderings

Lovers are mad. Anyone who truly loves cannot but become mad. Lover of God, lover of nature, lover of women- madmen are all types. When one enjoys the ecstasies of love how can one not but become mad?

As I leafing over a book one day I stumbled upon an extraction of a poem, a poem where the poet was completely lost in his love for God. I just read a few lines and instantly I was bewitched. What a poem! I proclaimed. What a verse! It felt as if the poet had gushed out his love through his poem and I was lost in that flow of love. I could not find any direction in that overflow of the lover’s stream; I too felt lost in love.

The lines are as follows:

“Tere husn se mujhe keya garaz
Tere zat se mere ishq hai
Tujhe dekhne ki hai arzoo
Tu Kheza me ho ke bahar me”

“I have no interest in your form
I am in love with the formless Being
Desire to see you burns in me
No matter where you are – in Spring or in Autumn”

My God,

I have never seen you. I do not know your form, what You look like, but why do I care what You look like? You are what You are and I am in love with You.

I see You all the time in front of my eyes. But this seeing is not the seeing of the eyes; this seeing is the seeing of the heart, seeing of the soul. My God, I see You all the time! And I yearn to see You more, and more. Day by day my desire to see You gets stronger. I see You and I want to see You more. This thirst is never satisfied. How I long to see You for once . . . . this beggar yearns with love.
This beggar is in love with You but this beggar is ashamed to say that this beggar loves You. This beggar can never love You enough. This beggar’s heart does not have the capacity to love You. This is a true beggar my Lord, a beggar in heart and soul.

My Lord, I am in love with Your perfections and with Your mysteries. I wonder why would You play this drama with these clay-made beings, my Lord. With what grand theories You designed this grand stage, these billions of stars and galaxies I wonder. My wonder does not end. Even at the world of subatomic particles, You design’s intricacies reveals and I keep on asking, why? All these for these clay-made beings? When You know we will betray, we will forget, we will ignore? When You know so well the end of these humans, the end of the story, the end of this tragic tale. With what love You shaped these humans in beautiful shape and sent into this world, this beautiful world. But then the day will come when the nature ,will not be able to bear the burden of human’s sins any longer, the day when no believer will remain, the day , the terrible cursed day when the soil will clove asunder, the mountains will blow apart, the skies will fall, calling an end to these betrayal humans. The story of humans,a tragic tale. You know all this well and You mentioned in Your book,

“It is Allah who sends forth the winds so that they raise up the clouds,
And We drive them to a land that is dead
And revive the Earth therewith after its death :
Even so will be the Resurrection!”( Al-Quran,41/53)

I look around myself and
I see the sun shining with full glory, providing warmth to the humans,
I see the plants revive, preparing food for humans,
I see floating clouds, running swiftly to nourish the land, for corps to grow, to feed these humans,
I see the flowers bloom, smiling broadly at the humans,
I hear the bird chirp, to amuse the humans,
I see the sun and moon circling around, maintaining the nights and days, for these humans, and billions of stars, billions of galaxies traveling around, maintaining a fine balance, for these tiny ungrateful humans,
As You ordered, in Your love for the humans.
We humans breathe, we live, we enjoy, and little do we thank. And You remain close to us, closer than our jugular veins, and I cannot know, I do not know why. I keep on asking why, why, why? Why this Love? Why You Love so much….?

Experience submitted by Mazduda Hassan

One response to “A madman’s verse and some wanderings”

  1. Nice article!

    No doubt, being the "lover of God" is the best one. Being a "lover of women" is the worst unless married. There are many instances which show that lovers of women stumble so forcefully that they even can't stand straight. But women get pleasant lives mingle themselves with the existing situation like the color of water.