A forgiving prince

Story by Anonymous

Once upon a beautiful time in an island where peace was everywhere like the waterfalls in the valleys that flowed silently and gracefully. This island was ruled by a wise king. He was very powerful and very wise. Many kings sent their Princes and Princesses to the wise King, Abrar in order for them to learn from his wisdom.

King Abrar had a young son. He was very obedient to his father. He always obeyed his commands no matter what happened even it were against what he desired.

The young prince, Hamid learned a lot from his father. He respected him very much and always honored him. Hamid looked upto his father. Prince Hamid knew that when his father tells him to do something which goes against from his wishes, at the end of the day his father is right and he is in the wrong. Such was the great wisdom of King Abrar.

Prince Hamid was very kind at the same time he still had a lot to learn and practice more towards being a King some day. Whenever Prince Hamid had free time from his daily studies and archery practices, he used to play with the children of his Palace’s servants. They would come to the palace grounds to play with the Prince. One day, while playing with one of the child of his Palace’s servants; a fight broke out between them. In this fight, the child of his servant began cursing Prince Hamid’s mother. Prince Hamid became furious and decided to take the matter to his father.

King Abrar now listened to Prince Hamid’s words patiently. The King didn’t show any expressions upon hearing this. He told Hamid to drink some water. Then he told him that since he is a Prince, the decision is upto him. The King decided to leave this matter to the Prince himself. The King says, “However, my advice is to forgive that boy. When someone curses someone if we curse them back then what is the difference between us and them?” The King further tells his son about how great is Forgiveness. He reminds him about how the Prophet SalAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam forgave others. Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala loves those who forgive others. Therefore my advice is to forgive him says the King.

A poet once said:

“I move past the fool who curses me, And I continue on my previous course saying: he does not refer to me!”

Upon hearing these words from the King, his son remained calmed. The Prince with an honor called for the boy in the palace and told him he forgave him. The boy cries and tells him his apology that he said it in an anger and it was never meant to be. From this day on, that boy remained loyal to the King and the Prince. He endlessly went above and beyond to do everything for them.

Allah says in the Qur’an:

“…. So overlook [any human faults] with gracious forgiveness.” (Qur’an 15:85)

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