A curious traveller and a righteous king

 A story by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.

In the light of an ancient era known to only few. There gathered some folk of the old around a bon fire who witnessed great days of great rulers. Each of them began a story which is unknown to be true or false. Among them said one old man, “I will tell you a story of a great King which will leave you in awe!” “You may proceed,” said one young man who was passing by these old folk.

The story was told…

Once there was a beautiful kingdom magnificently built near gardens and waterfalls. Rainbows appeared around the sky. The flowers and fruits were grown in every color. It so happened that one day, a hungry traveler passed by. He was looking for some food and drink. He was approached by one kind man who asked him if he was a traveler. The man was in affirmative and asked him for some food. The kind man invited him to the King’s palace. He said the King’s palace provides for everyone’s food. The traveler was amazed at this. When he went inside the palace, everything was skillfully and gloriously decorated. There was every food he could ever imagine in his life. When he tasted the food, it tasted delicious. He never had such amazing food in his life.

After eating the dinner to his full, the traveler became curious. What about the King? He said to himself. He wondered if the food is so delicious for his subjects then the King must have a much better meal. He met one of the Palace’s advisers and requested to be invited to have a meal with the King. In a short moment, he was granted his request.

The next day, the traveler was brought before the King as his guest. The meal was brought forth. When the traveler saw the dry bread and water, he went pale and confused at this. He asks, “What happened to all the good food you serve to your subjects?”

The King smiles and tells him his way of living. He says that all day he rules his Kingdom. At night, he writes the Qur’an and sells it to the people. The money he earns from it, he uses it to buy his food. He says he fears Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala and his subjects’ money belongs to them.

Upon this story, the young man and the old people became amazed. It was truly an inspiring story. A king is for his people. If he rules for himself or to gain wealth, he is a greedy man and not a king. A king is nothing without his people. Therefore, he takes good care of them and not let anyone go hungry. This was the story of a humble king.