A better way to view articles and experiences

I have received a lot of suggestions as well as complaints about the way articles and experiences are viewed on this site. The pictures at the beginning of each post was big (500×300), and a small preview of the article was below it. That small preview could be a paragraph or two or even three depending on the content. The result, it took up too much space and other very good experience/articles were pushed to the next page. Our solution? Read more to find out.

As you may have already noticed, the beginning of this post looks different then usual. The picture isn’t big anymore and the preview is to the right of the picture. This will be the standard format from now on. The picture will be small (200×200) and the maximum amount a preview can be will be up to the end of the picture. If a person submits his/her experience I usually try to find a place where if i stop the preview and make you guys click on the read link, it would still make sense and flow well. Due to this new limitation however, I will be forced to cut off the experience if it goes over the the limit. I will cut off the sentence by putting “…” at the end and the story will continue when you click on the Read More link.

Now usually, right below the picture, I state who an experience is by. Due to this limitation however, I will state who it is by in a very short and brief text right below the picture as a caption. If the name is too long or it won’t fit, then I will mention that person at the end of his/her experience. If you don’t see any information about who an article or experience is from below the picture or at the end means that it is an experience or article submitted by me or Islamic Experiences.

Articles about this website such as this one will have it’s preview text in bold (as you can see above). This is to show that this post was made by Islamic Experiences. Also if the article is about Islamic Experiences, I will post the Islamic Experiences logo (as you see above). This is to also show that this post is about this site rather than an experience. The preview text of all other experiences and articles that are written by me personally, articles I’ve shared from other websites, and any other post that is written by me and Islamic Experiences will be in bold as well. The preview text of an experience submitted by you will not be in bold.

The only exception to all of this is if I write a post where I feel like clicking on the Read More link would be a waste of time. Posts like that will go over the picture limit but will still be in bold.

All of this will go into effect as of this post. The transition will take about 2-4 weeks depending on the amount of experiences that will be submitted in the future. Once there are enough experiences to push all the experiences below this post into the next page, I will increase the amount of posts you can see per page so the website can be the same length as it was under the old standard. Currently, it is at 7 per page. InshaAllah it will be at least double that.

All of this can only be done with the help of Allah. Allah is the greatest and no other is like Him. May Allah make this new standard successful and may Allah protect us from any evil. Ameen.