9/11 made us better Muslims

The horrible acts of terror during 9/11 can never be justified. The terrorists responsible who claimed that Islam justified it are 100% wrong and misguided. 10 years have pasted since then and one thing is for certain. Muslims today are much more different than the Muslims before 9/11. Read more to learn why.

Before 9/11, Muslims were focused on themselves. They worked, went to school, prayed 5 times a day, and that was it. No one knew who we are. They only knew that sisters wore “something around their heads” and that men grew their beards. They never bothered us, and we never bothered them. In short, they didn’t understand us and we didn’t care to make ourselves understood.

9/11 forced Muslims to change the way they live. It forced us to be more open. It made millions of people search for what Islam is all about. We opened up our Qurans to see if Islam really justified such acts. The media was powerful in its anti-Muslim message but the scholars prepared themselves. They reopened up their books of knowledge and began to teach the masses what Islam is all about.

Muslims knew that they were being watched on all sides. Any mistake would make headlines in seconds. So we had to act responsible to serve as an example that Islam really is a religion of peace. We had to raise our children to become good Muslims as they were growing up in an environment that Muslims are bad. Sisters had to wear their hijabs in an ever increasing hate towards them. Many Muslims were scared of whats to come but that fear resulted in them turning to Allah ever so often.

Alhamdulilah, Allah has blessed me with the fact that I never actually went through most of what the Muslims are experiencing since 9/11. Nobody hated me, no one mocked me, and not as many kids back in school called me terrorist or made fun of me. I had immunity against such things due to some other problem I had early in my life. So when people came up to me to try to make fun of me or call me a terrorist, they discovered it wasn’t fun at all. And I don’t recall how I would respond or if I responded at all! But whatever I did, it made them feel dumb, hence, the reason I was never mocked. I was a “cool” kid due to my indifference towards such actions and when I recently became more religious, they all accepted me with no problems. Alhamdulilah.

Although 9/11 did not affect me immediately, it affected me after going to college and seeing how my Muslims friends were affected. Many went through things I haven’t and that increased my understanding of just how much 9/11 has changed the Muslim ummah in America. 9/11 made us all closer to Allah. Allah can give us something we think is bad but in reality it is a blessing. 9/11 opened up our hearts and made us strive to become the best Muslims we can possibly be. 9/11 changed us forever.

Did you change after 9/11?

May Allah continue to bless us with his mercy. Ameen.

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  1. This Islamic Studies teacher at an Islamic school told his 9/11 story:

    He started with "Seven eleven" but then he was corrected In saying "9/11". He doesn't know much English, He is Arabic teacher.

    So he said, he was walking and one African American called him a terrorist. So he looked at him and said, "You are the terrorist". The man ran away after he hear that.