6 Pillars of Iman (Faith)

6 Pillars of Iman (Faith)

The Pillars of Iman shows the strength of faith. It is to show our strong belief to Allah. Iman is what a good Muslim have. If a person holds onto the pillars he will be upon Allah’s mercy. It also means to have faith in Allah. Iman makes a person strong and true believer.

There are six pillars of Iman.

1. Belief in Allah: It means that Allah is One and we only worship Him.

2. Belief in Angels: It means believing in all Angels.

3. Belief in Allah’s Books:

  1. Torah (Tawrat) = Musa (AS)
  2. Gospel (Injil) = Isa (AS)
  3. Psalms (Zabur) = Dawud (AS)
  4. Qur’an =  Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  5. Suhuf (Scrolls) = Ibrahim (AS)

4. Belief in all Prophets. Adam (AS) was the first Prophet and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last Prophet of Allah. There are no prophets after Him.

5. Belief in Day of Judgment

6. Belief in Qadr or Fate, which means to believe all what happens in our life is from Allah and accepting the decision of Allah.

           In conclusion, having Iman is being a good Muslim. Having Iman also brings you closer to Allah. Iman is like a light that glows in our heart. We should always be strong in our faith. When we have Iman, we will do lots of good deeds and stay away from bad deeds.

By Amir Ali (Age 7)